Essential Hearing Aids Accessories To Protect Your Investment

Hearing aids accessories, such as protective cases, are a must since it can be so costly to repair these precision instruments. Of course, you definitely need to buy a quality accessory to go with your device- a decent case can mean the difference between a broken hearing aid and a “whew” moment.

Because these hearing instruments are so expensive, it pays to protect them and keep them in the best shape you possibly can. This certainly includes regular cleaning to maintain peak functionality with pit stops along the way to your Audiologist for more thorough cleaning and fine tuning to suit your hearing loss.hearing aids 3

To make sure you don’t lose one of these expensive devices there are tethers designed to prevent it from falling out of your ear and breaking on the ground. Hearing aid accessories like this are perfect for children who need an assistive device. This way, the parents investment is covered and the child is not without their hearing aid.

Another fun thing for children is the special kinds of clips that are available to cover the device and can be decorated so that the child’s hearing aid is not a focal point, should they feel self conscious. Kids love to express themselves and this is a great way to do so.

For older patients, this may not be necessary- however both older and younger patients can take advantage of having their assistive device molded in their favorite color or even multicolored. If you need assistive devices, a neat trick is to have contrasting shades for right and left so there’s no doubt which is which when you’re in a hurry.

There are hearing aid accessories intended for sports like swimming as well. These are designed to keep water out of the ear canal, which is beneficial particularly for those who have had tubes put in their ears. Protecting those delicate instruments from water is a must! Remember never to use water when you clean them as well.

In fact, humidity in your own ear canal can affect your hearing devices- if you find that this is the case you can use a small dehumidifier to eliminate this after cleaning (which is best done after each use to prevent buildup of ear wax and moisture).

One of the top hearing aid accessories for music lovers is Bluetooth capability. This allows you to sync your hearing aid up with your cell phone, or other device to play music wirelessly without bothering others. This option is usually only found on more expensive models of assistive devices, but as with every piece of technology, the cost will come down and features will be more common.

Be sure to have a sweat band handy if you plan to exert yourself- as we’ve discussed, moisture is a bad thing for hearing devices and sweat can really damage the delicate electronic circuits inside. If you’re working out with them on, be sure they are protected.